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in the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast


Sorrento coast (Photo by Giuseppe Ruggiero - Virtual trends s.r.l.)"The Sorrento Peninsula is a land touched by the sea, which overlooks magic islands. A great mountain protects it from the coldest winds, its coasts reassure from millenniums the romantic spirits and its multicoloured hills overlook a landscape, which is a history book, from Naples to Pompeii, from Capri to Amalfi. Gods and heroes, imperators and captains, artists and philosophers; whoever has stopped here has been charmed by Sorrento and the pearls of this land which is simply magnetic. The Mermaids charmed Ulysses, Tiberius moved over when he was the most important man of the world… Time and man have made the nature of these places unique." (...)


Positano (foto by Giuseppe Ruggiero - Virtual Trends s.r.l.)"The Amalfi Coast situated on the southern versant of the Sorrento Peninsula, is considered and guarded by the UNESCO as an international estate of mankind for the impressiveness of its landscape and for its historical events." (...)



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