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- Excursions -

Campi Flegrei

Solfatara - Pozzuoli

The fermenting grounds of the Campi Flegrei are the most iconographic of the Grand Tour. During the extraordinary meeting between cultures, the travellers of the eighteenth century from all over Europe admired, sang and painted Pozzuoli and its surroundings with great excitement.

The sight of a young fermenting ground was an unique occasion to capture a small impression of what must have been the origin of the universe. Still today walking in the crater of the Solfatara represents a very exciting experience, which becomes even more intense when You realize You are in a book rich of history under the open sky: the Rione Terra, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Temple of Serapide, the ruins of Cuma, the Antro della Sibilla, the Thermal Baths of Bacoli, the Bourbon Casino Reale of the Lake of Fusaro, the Aragonese Castel of Baia and its archeological Museum...

A mythical place which Dante Alighieri indicated as the place of junction between this world and the eternity.

Giovanni Gugg


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