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It rises in the middle of the water as a precious stone, it is called the “Isola Azzurra” the light blue Island. Light blue as the water that surrounds it, as the sky that embraces it as the grotto that makes everyone dream.

It has a magic atmosphere, Capri.

Capri island

The wonder already begins on the boat that leaves from Sorrento towards the island. In the middle of the sea it is enchanting to see, from one side, the tufaceous coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula erecting from the water and, on the other side, the cliffs of Capri rapidly getting near.

Once You disembark in Marina Piccola there’s something for every soul and everyone can be sure to realize his own ideal of vacation. Someone seeks for society life and loves to drink a cocktail in the Piazzetta among the famous actors, someone else has fun shopping in the elegant boutiques in Via Camerelle.

Others instead, discover some of the nicest trekking paths such as the Fortini at Anacapri, at the Centrellla or at Mount Solaro.

Capri - FaraglioniPoets love to walk down the tortuous Via Krupp, and the lovers the magic Tragara path that leads to the enchanted view of the Faraglioni. The painters reach Villa Jovis, “Giove’s Villa” that two thousand years ago became the centre of the world thanks to the Roman emperor Tiberio; while who seeks recollection can immerse himself in the protected atmosphere of the Certosa of San Giacomo of the 14th century. The lovers of beauty remain enraptured by the pavement of the 18th century majolica of the “Earthly Paradise” in the Church of San Michele at Anacapri; the gentile souls find materialized a bit of their feelings for beauty in the wonderful villas of Curzio Malaparte and of Axel Munte; the romantics are enchanted by the moonlight reflected on that emerald sea that nobody would want to leave.

Yes, in Capri the dream is within everybody’s reach, In Capri everyone enriches of light blue his eyes and his heart.

Giovanni Gugg


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