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- Escursioni-


Paestum - ruins

Almost three thousand years ago some Greek fishermen landed on the Coast of the Piana del Sele nearby the Cilento and they were charmed by the beauty of the place. The fertility of the ground, then, convinced the overseas sailors to settle down in the heart of the Gulf of Salerno and consequently to built sacred monuments in honour of their gods who had permitted such a precious “discovery”.

Today our archaeological area of Hellenic origin is the most impressive which can be admired outside from the Peloponnese. The simple and extraordinary architecture of the columns and capitals finely worked and very visible in the three Temples of Hera (famous also as the “Basilica”) of Atena (also known as the Temple of Cevere) and of Poseidon (similar to the Temple of Zeus of Olimpia). They are some of the best exemplars of the Doric order and of the Ionic order which still today are proudly standing up.

Paestum - ruins

During the summer evenings they are an unequalled setting for dance shows, for theatrical operas and musical performances of the most famous internati.

Giovanni Gugg


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