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The Royal Palace of Caserta

The Royal Palace of Caserta

Stately and imposing the Reggia of Caserta was desired by Carlo III of Borbone, King of Naples, and it was then completed by the sovereigns who succeeded him as his son Ferdinando IV and his French “rival” Gioacchino Murat. The Reggia was completed between 1752 and 1780 first by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, then by his son Carlo.

The magnificence of that epoch appears in each one of the 1200 rooms of the palace: precious furnishings, valued paintings, artistic nativity cribs, and still sculptures, arras, fabrics, inlaid works, marbles,... there is no detail which doesn’t inspire amazement for its refinements.

The Royal Palace of Caserta - Waterfalls

The masterpiece, though, is completed by walking in the Italian style garden and in the English style garden of the enormous park which through its groves, meadows, fountains, lakes and waterfalls extends for over 120 hectares resulting the biggest in Europe.

The Royal Palace of Caserta - Gardens

Botanic geometries and water designs seem to be inspired by the magnificent works of the nearby Seterie of San Leucio an unique example of ”illuminated structure” where from its Belvedere the glance extends all the way to the Vesuvius and the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Giovanni Gugg


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